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Belfast Student Accommodation Strentr

5 Steps to Choosing Belfast Student Accommodation

Student Accommodation in Belfast is becoming very popular, especially as we come to the end of 2016. At Strentr we have noticed a huge spike in international traffic, especially from Asia searching for student accommodation in Belfast.

It is important that you know the 5 steps to choosing the right Belfast Student Accommodation for yourself as a student. Especially if students want to live close to Queens University and Ulster University.

Step 1

If you are a first year student in Belfast and are looking at Student Accommodation it is recommended that you choose University halls. Just to get settled in your first year. University-managed accommodation or ‘halls’ certainly have some advantages. In terms of making friends, living with other students is a great way to get to know people who you may end up becoming good friends with. You’re also likely to be conveniently placed for any on-campus goings on so shouldn’t have to worry about travelling long distances for social events.
If you’re going to be living away from home for the first time, halls can also be good preparation for living in the private rented sector as you have many of the benefits of independence, but without needing to think about the complications of bills or landlords. You’re also likely to be well supported by the university if anything goes wrong.

Step 2

Make sure bills are fair!
All-inclusive accommodation bills may seem to be the easiest option, but they often work out as the costliest. Many landlords will estimate bills in their favour! Students can often end up paying £5 or so extra a week each to cover utilities that they didn’t use.

You will have to learn housekeeping at some point. Paying your own bills may also spur your environmental responsibility! It is an excellent inducement to turn off the lights when you go out.

Step 3

Be nice to your landlord
A good tenant develops and maintains a good relationship with the landlord. Pay rent by standing order at the beginning of each term, and if there’s a problem give the landlord advance warning! Most Landlords have a heart.

But don’t abuse any goodwill. Turning the house into a tip will upset your landlord, who will be justified in retaining a portion of the deposit.

Step 4

Insist on an inventory from the landlord before moving in to see what’s provided. You can also use this check to verify the existing condition of the accommodation. This has benefits for both sides. There are many unscrupulous landlords who will claim that damage has been done by tenants when really it was pre-existing.

Parents should ensure their children are forensic when signing the inventory and take photos of anything dodgy or dirty. If it has springs coming through it, insist that it is changed. Ensure that any facilities that aren’t working, or unsatisfactory conditions such as damp, are signed off by the landlord with a promise to be fixed within two weeks.

Step 5

Check reviews on Strentr! If you are reading this article after December 2016 then the reviews section is up! Find out how previous students rated your current place and use the information provided by students to help you decision when looking at Student Accommodation!