Strentr Student Accommodation and Rightmove Student Accommodation both offer very beneficial services within this highly competitive market however we believe Strentr does it better.

Rightmove offer a very simple outlook to Student Accommodation. Sure, they offer a great search and the properties that students are looking for do pop up. NO! Student Accommodation should be more than this, Rightmove don’t care if the student can’t find what they are looking for, Rightmove don’t care that the student does not know what is in the area, Rightmove don’t care if the student is unhappy with their service.

Let’s get one thing straight! We are going to be completely honest with you. We won’t be biased, I know you are here for the facts!

Rightmove Student Accommodation does not even come close to what Strentr can offer the Student Accommodation Market and we will let you know why Strentr is in the Number 1 Spot for Student Accommodation and the service that they offer Students in the UK.

  1. We have a far more fun layout!

Just got to our website – Look at that layout, we provide so much more than Student Accommodation, we provide an experience! We are here to help students get the knowledge they need inorder to make an informed decision however, we will give a point to Rightmove for their ability to make their user interface as simple as possible, but let’s be honest, that’s great if you can know what you are looking for. Some Students like to browse and enjoy their experience! Especially those looking for accommodation for the first time!

2. We offer reviews! As of Janaury 2017

At the start of the new year Strentr will be offering a review option just like Airbnb! Students will now have the ability to review their experience when renting out certain Student Accommodation! This will a fantastic opportunity for students to really let future tenants know what it is like to live in certain locations and what the landlords are even like but we do not want Rightmove copying us so keep it on the DL!


Walkscore is a fabulous tool that Strentr has integrated into their website! This allows you as a student to know exactly where you student accommodation is in relevance to everything else! For example, if your Walkscore is “97”, this means you are very near the City Centre or a certain University but if you see a Walkscore of 30 or so, you are looking at student accommodation that is in the countryside!

4. All our agents are preapproved

Rightmove allow any agent to join their website! Any agent! There is no VERIFICATION, NOTHING, however, Strentr only allow agents to join their team after a three day screening process! and even in some cases the agent still won’t pass the test! This gives students alot more confidence when they are dealing with their agents! There have been too many experiences with “cowboy agents”.

There you have it! This is why you should feel 100% “A” okay with picking Strentr over Rightmove Student Accommodation! Just because Rightmove are so much bigger does not there quality of service is better!

If you feel I missed anything just comment below! I would love to here from you all and what you think of the Strentr experience! Or even how we could improve!